Easy To Use

No more heavy chains or hauling bags of kitty litter, ZipGripGo is convenient, easy and takes only minutes to install! Plus they don’t take up precious trunk space! Make them part of your emergency kit, you’ll be thankful you have them when you need them!

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Emergency Traction Aid

ZipGripGo is an innovative traction aid that provides stuck motorists with an affordable, convenient, emergency traction solution. ZipGripGo installs in minutes by simply threading the patented zip ties through your wheels and securing with the locking head. You just Zip, Grip & Go!

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Patented Technology

After three years of rigorous testing and development our patented design received the Popular Mechanics “Best Innovation Award”. ZipGripGo’s innovative traction device enables drivers to quickly and easily get their vehicles “unstuck” from snow, ice or mud.